Dear Diary,


The last few weeks I've been pretty busy so I haven't told you what's been going on. I know, it's a normal occurrence.

Okay guilt done... I've been seeing this guy - Nick. He's such a player, and the worst thing is that I knew it from the moment I met him. But, he was uncomplicated and fun, and had a cool car. So, I figured, "what the fuck?" - Ooops, Freudian slip there, my mother will kill me.

Anyway, Nick paged me as well as left a message with my boss today and I'm seriously thinking of not calling him back. The guy has got no clue. He thinks he's so suave, when really he's just a pain in the ass. So, that's why am I'm calling it off.

Actually, there's nothing really to call off, so I don't know what my deal is.


Hmmm. <deep thought - hahaha>


Maybe I'll go to his house one last time, and that's it!




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