From the documentary producer to the Hollywood director, the versatility of digital video has long intrigued filmmakers. Now, JVC introduces the digital solution that offers the missing factor to the digital cinema equation--the outstanding image quality of the GY-DV700WU CineDV Camcorder.


Unprecedented performance from a DV camcorder.

This powerful DV camcorder is ready to handle the sophisticated requirements of the most demanding feature production, yet it's priced within reach of virtually everyone. Developed in cooperation with the BBC, the CineDV DV700 combines three state-of-the-art 2/3-inch, true 16:9 CCDs with JVC's original high-performance dual-pipeline 14-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for truly exceptional image quality. This combination gives you the power to unleash the creative potential of the DV format like never before.


Truly professional in every way.

Even down to its very design, the CineDV DV700 was created with the professional's needs in mind. Controls are exactly where you expect. A full range of professional accessories is available. And you'll even find advanced features like TC and Super Scene Finder for automatic scene logging.


Incredible image meets incredible value.

Creative innovations are only part of the story. The CineDV DV700 affords filmmakers practicalbreakthroughs as well. Superior cost efficiency of both the camera and the DV format allows more of a production's precious budget to be spent on casting, music, wardrobe and other equipment.


Proven ability in the real world.

The CineDV DV700 gives you all the tools you need to work in a professional yet practical way. Just ask the winner of the Vancouver Film Festival's One Shot Challenge, who selected the CineDV for its creative potential, sophisticated tools, effects and features.

Finally, there's a DV camcorder that offers filmmakers, broadcasters and independent producers maximum functionality and truly unprecedented creative flexibility. With the CineDV DV700, digital cinematography has clearly arrived.


2/3" 3-CCD image pickup

The GY-DV700WU incorporates three 2/3" true 16:9 IT CCDs that combine with an F1.4 prism to provide sensitivity of F11 at 2,000 lux and exceptionally sharp pictures. Each CCD is equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear, ensuring quality pictures even when shooting into bright lights or dark environments. Color reproduction is faithfully reproduced throughout the whole digital range.
Native 16:9/4:3 switchable
With more and more high-end television production and independent movie producers turning to digital video for their production needs, the advantages of selectively shooting the original footage in the 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio of the finished program are obvious. The higher pixel density of the 2/3" 16:9 CCDs provide beautiful results in either aspect ratio, without aliasing or re-scaling artifacts. Native 16:9 makes a big difference for large screen projection, high definition up-conversion or 35-mm blowup.
2/3" bayonet lens mount
The GY-DV700WU's standard 'B4 type' professional 2/3" bayonet lens mount is compatible with the widest selection of lenses, including standard TV lenses, switchable aspect, cine style prime lenses and high-definition lenses.

High-quality performance

Professional DV recording on a MiniDV tape
The GY-DV700WU combines the convenience and affordability of readily available MiniDV cassettes with the high-quality camera performance you need for professional use. A single MiniDV cassette can record up to 80 minutes* of high-quality 8-bit, 13.5 kHz, 4:1:1 DV component digital images and can be played back in DVCPRO and DVCAM units.
*With an MDV-80 tape.
High-quality PCM digital audio
To complement its superior pictures, the GY-DV700WU offers outstanding digital PCM sound. Audio signals are locked with video signals for smooth editing. You can choose from two 16-bit 48-kHz channels or two 12-bit, 32- kHz channels with a dynamic range of more than 85 dB.
CH1 and Ch2 audio channels with manual audio controls are provided on both the back and front of the unit, assuring that your primary audio is always within easy reach during shooting. In addition, auto mode with limiter compressor and low cut filter for outdoors shooting are provided. Three XLR connectors provide line or microphone input level with selectable phantom power while a built-in wireless microphone receiver receptacle can be used to carry Sony 820 wireless receiver.
LOLUX 0.75 lux
When activated, the LOLUX mode (an original JVC invention) increases sensitivity with almost no increase in noise. LOLUX lets you shoot in near complete darkness (as low as 0.75 lux). As a result, you can capture footage under the most challenging conditions. This feature is a real plus for ENG, reality TV or documentaries.
14-bit digital signal processor (DSP)
The GY-DV700WU applies JVC's DSP with advanced high-speed dual pipeline 14-bit video processing. Color matrix, skin detail, highlight chroma and no black compression bring out natural details, eliminate spot noise, and accurately reproduce dark areas, allowing you to get great footage using only ambient light.

Versatile functions

IEEE 1394 (Firewire) input/output compatible with most NLE systems
This allows high-quality compressed digital video signal transfer directly to a computer, a non-linear editing system such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, or to another DV recorder. Producers can now digitally spool directly to a non-linear editing platform without loss, and then transfer the finished product directly back to video tape using the camera alone.
SMPTE time code input/output
SMPTE TC I/O connectors for multi-camera shooting allow synchronization to other devices such as Nagra, DAT's and TC Slate. The GY-DV700WU's internal SMPTE TC reader generator provides user bit, and drop, non-drop TC at any tape speed.
Super Scene Finder (SSF)
A JVC exclusive, Super Scene Finder lets you log scenes automatically or manually in the field while shooting, and optionally mark the best ones. The SSF data for the last six tapes is retained in the camcorder's non-volatile memory. Data for up to 134 scenes may be permanently stored on the head of the corresponding tape. The camcorder possesses an RS-232 port for controlling the tape mechanism and downloading the scene data to a PC running logging software. Super Scene Finder dramatically speeds up and simplifies not only the production, but also the NLE transfer process and saves disk space, because you digitize only those scenes you need for editing.
Convenient facilities
The GY-DV700WU is provided with a tripod and lens mount compatible with a wide range of peripherals such as Steadicams, cranes, dollies and matte boxes/rail systems.

Compact, lightweight design

Only 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) for the main unit
Because it uses MiniDV tapes, high-tech materials, advanced microprocessors and highly-integrated electronics, the GY-DV700WU is able to pack a lot of performance into a very compact body. Built entirely of a strong yet lightweight die-cast magnesium alloy, the camcorder body itself weighs only 3 kg (6.6 lbs.). Even when you add lens, viewfinder, battery pack and tape, it is still surprisingly light ? weighing in at 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs.) or less.

User-friendly design

Viewfinder status display
The viewfinder status display uses characters and menus to display selected information in the viewfinder. For example, 4:3 or 16:9 safe area, time code/tape remain, F stop, battery condition, shutter speed, zebra pattern for skin detail and brightness indication are all displayed, as well as various events, camera setting status, recorder operation, and selected setup parameters.
Convenient menu dial
Quickly and easily navigate through the camera's powerful setup menu or select the shutter-speed with the convenient menu point and click dial.
Tally lamps
Tally lamps on the viewfinder and rear panel indicate when the camera enters the record mode and flash when the battery level is too low, the remaining tape time is less than 3 minutes, etc. Either tally may be switched off at the user's discretion.
Back-lit LCD display
Clear and easy?to-see even in the dark, this display shows operation status and warning indicators including audio level indicators, remaining tape/battery power display, time code reader/generator indication, menu setting and time date display.

Professional camera features

Full auto shooting
When you are in a hurry and there is no time to set up for a shot, this function provides point-and-shoot ease of operation -- all you have to do is zoom, focus and press the record button. Activating full auto shooting sets the camera to the Auto Iris mode, even if the lens is set to manual. If the auto-iris runs out of range, the Automatic Video Level Control (ALC), along with Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) takes over to provide both variable gain and variable shutter, extending the operating range 10,000 times! Also activated is Full Auto White, which provides white balance even under continuously varying color temperatures. Full auto shooting makes possible seamless shooting from a dark area to a bright area without changing gain, iris, or ND filter.
Precision 'accu-focus' mode
In the ACCU-FOCUS position, the electronic shutter is activated for approximately ten seconds, forcing the iris fully open. As a result, the depth of field is minimized so the lens can be focused quickly and precisely. This feature combined with VF-P116WU viewfinder peaking allows quick precise focusing.
Continuous auto black (CAB)
JVC's Continuous Auto Black circuit continuously corrects black balance by sampling the CCD's optical black. As a result, perfect black balance is assured in a changing environment without interrupting shooting.
Automatic level control (ALC)
ALC with Extended Electronic Iris allows continuous automatic shooting in all light levels, by varying the gain from 0 dB to +18 dB.
Shutter/variable scan view
The electronic shutter speed range varies from 1/100 to 1/2,000 sec. By selecting the alternate Variable Scan function, you can capture flicker-free footage of computer screens whose vertical scan rates may differ from that of the camera.
Black stretch/compress
This function enhances or suppresses the details of dark areas on the picture.
Adjustable detail frequency
This feature gives you control over the picture sharpness for a bolder or more detailed look.
Adjustable gamma point
By adjusting the contrast, you can alter the mood of the picture according to your taste,
Time code reader/generator
SMPTE-standard time code can be recorded and read for accurate editing.
Sync lock mode
This enables a number of cameras to be synchronized for multi-camera shooting.
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