The Score

Geoff Ogle, compser

From Seattle, Washington, Geoff Ogle received his baccalaureate in Bass Trombone Performance and Music Education from the University of Washington where he studied with Stuart Dempster and performed in Roy Cummings Studio Jazz Ensembles. He later received a Masters of Music in Studio Jazz Writing from the University of Miami. He currently studies composition with William O. Smith.
Mr. Ogle recently ended a stay in Port Townsend, WA where he worked as a music educator in the Port Townsend School District and as a program manager for the non-profit arts organization Centrum. His responsibilities at Centrum included the financial and logistic management of Centrum's Bud Shank Jazz Workshop, Centrum's Airtouch JAZZ Port Townsend Festival and Centrum's Chamber Music Port Townsend Festival.
He has written several compositions and arrangements for various Seattle-area music ensembles including the Eddie Daniels, Jazz Police, Edmonia Jarrett and the MOJO Big Band, Roadside Attraction, and Jake Bergevin and Javatown Swingers. His list of multi-media credits include the scores for projects by White Rain Films, Moving Arts Dance Studio, Brown Eye Productions and Luna Productions. He is currently living Seattle where works as a freelance music educator and composer.
Pease visit to learn more about Geoff Ogle and his work.
Source Music
The source music in 'i died' are all the songs which come from the living room stereo.  All source music was written and performed by Marc Atwood, D. Jon Hadlock, Doug Derlacki, and Pete Bossler.  Warren Michaels, Tim Jennings, and Michael Lee played on Die Once.
The source music in order of  appearance is as follows.  All these songs will be available on the 'i died' CD which will be released sometime in 2004.

Die Once  (Thick)

Vocals / written by: Marc Atwood
Bass: Tim Jennings
Drums: Warren Michaels
Guitar: Michael Lee

Outside  (tranceMECHANIC) - alternate version.

Vocals / written by:  D. Jon Hadlock
Programming: Marc Atwood & D. Jon Hadlock
Additional keyboards: Doug Derlacki
Guitar: Pete Bossler

One Way  (Thick)

Vocals / programming / written by: Marc Atwood
Guitar: Tim Jennings

Ritual  (tranceMECHANIC) - this song is a work in progress.

Vocals / words : D. Jon Hadlock
Guitar  / music by: Doug Derlacki
Programming Doug Derlacki, Marc Atwood & D. Jon Hadlock

Chair & Chain  (tranceMECHANIC)

Written by: Marc Atwood & D. Jon Hadlock
Ebow Bass / Upright Bass / Programming:  Marc Atwood
Programming / Drums / Chair & Chain:  D. Jon Hadlock

Sign Of The Times  (tranceMECHANIC) - this song is a work in progress.

Vocals / Bass / written by: Marc Atwood
Drums: D. Jon Hadlock

Take This Knife  (Thick)

Vocals / Programming / written by: Marc Atwood
Guitar: Tim Jennings

All Within  (tranceMECHANIC)

Vocals / Programming / written by: D. Jon Hadlock
Programming / Bass: Marc Atwood
Guitar: Pete Bossler

Piece Of Mind  (Thick)

Vocals / Programming / written by: Marc Atwood
Guitar: Tim Jennings
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