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tranceMECHANIC is Jon the Beloved and Marc Atwood.  The duo began in the summer of 2000 to create hard edged and organic electronic music.  Themes of politics and religion are often touched on in their lyrics as well as emotionally charged introspection and external observation. 

Musically they explore dance pop, hard-edged rock, dark ballads, trance techno, and panoramic sound canvases.  They are presently working on their debut long play release, the soundtrack and score to the film “A Murder Among Friends”, and a series of instrumental albums called the “Trance Tapes” to be released by them as TRANCEmechanic (notice the caps change - oooooh).  The band debuted in performance at the Catwalk club in Seattle for it’s Halloween 2000 bash and have, in addition, performed electronic improvisation pieces.  A video for their song “Outside” is presently being planned to coincide with, or precursor the film.  They are also developing a live performance that will be a more visual experience for the audience including video interaction, props and multi-media performance.