Marc Atwood

When Marc Atwood was 16 he completed writing his first screenplay.  The screenplay was called "The Last War" and it was going to put him on the map.  The reality is that it took writing 11 more screenplays to get one, ‘i died’, onto film.

After school  he worked as an actor, stand-in, carpenter, draftsman, and movie and TV extra.  Taking advantage of being on the set several days a week, Marc found that it was a great learning experience.  Marc found himself working regularly on the first three seasons of ‘Coach’ as Kris Cam’s stand-in.

While working as a stand-in Marc made a few shorts and music videos of his own for a few thousand dollars each.  Some were filmed with a rented 16mm camera, but most were shot on a home video camera.  "The training I received was invaluable," Marc says.  "It took me a few years to appreciate what I learned on the set as a stand-in.  As an example;  I worked on the film Newsies.  I was there for every shot of the movie, being that  I was Christen Bale’s stand-in.  At about on third of the way through he shoot the DP (director of photography) realized that I was interested in film.  Maybe he was impressed that I would actually pay attention?  He started giving me advice, showing me shots, and explaining why he was doing what he was doing.  How many people have Andrew Laszlo give them tutoring?"

Contact Marc at a t w o o d @ b u m p t o t h e h e a d . c o m. This email address changes often in an attempt to filter spam! Check back here for a new address if it becomes defunct.

Want to spot Marc in a television or movie?  Well, to be honest it’s not to easy to do.  Many years ago he was a struggling actor and taking very minor rolls as well as extra work.  Here is a list of some of the places you might have seen him (if you look very hard):


TV Show or Movie Episode Scene Where’s Marc?
Coach The Curly O’Brian Award Coach is waiting to receive an award He’s the student which gets the "Inspirational Player Award".  Marc says the line, "Thank you Mr. Burly".
Sunshine On My shoulder   a student in the hall
If Keith Jackson calls   A student in the hall.  Marc shouts, "Hey Mom!" to the camera while the reporter talks.
Just The 10 of US   The kids are having a party and the parents come home.  Marc dives through an open window.  Camera follows Marc.
Alien Nation -TV   George’s newcomer ceremony to impregnate his wife. Marc is one of the newcomer guests.  Good close-up of Marc.
China Beach Women in White a nurse is talking to a dead guy on the table. Marc is the dead guy.  This scene freaked out Marc’s younger sister when she was young.
Ferris Buhler’s Day Off – TV     Typing on the computer – Marc’s hands.  Long shots of limousines – Marc doubled for Cameron.
Back To The Future II   Biff runs out into the middle of the street and yells.  Old Biff is watching this from behind a tree. Marc crosses the street behind young Biff as he shouts at Loraine from the middle of the street.  Pause it, it’s quick.
The Bronx Zoo     Several episodes where Marc is a student in the hall (extra).
i died   The pizza is delivered Marc plays the pizza guy.  "That will be $27.50."  No one is operating the camera during this scene.