i died‘ stars Dustin Jones, William Calvert, and Lisa Bloch.  It co-stars Will O’ Lennick, Kevin Moore, Amy Sedgewick, and Rebecca Osman.  Also appearing are Eero Johnson, Elizabeth Parr, Ulric Dihle, and Tim Quigley.  It was written and directed by Marc Atwood.

The youngest of the cast, in his early twenties, Chris is shy and uncertain of his surroundings.  Having a recent breakup with his high school sweetheart, Chris is forced to move into the chaotic environment of a house of three adults that haven’t matured much beyond adolescence.  He is stuck between the friendship he feels for the guys of the house, the uncertainty of being uprooted again, and a terrible event.
Courtney dated Nick so she could get to know Chris.  That should tell you something about this early thirties woman.  She’s a very independent woman with a self-destructive streak.  She is a very logical and centered person, though when it comes to men she always takes the difficult path and the most unavailable guy.  In moments of strength she is very strong, able to compose herself in most any situation.  Constantly frustrated with the life choices she makes she see life as something to be overcome.
A confident, loud thirty year old womanizer.  A good friend to guys, he’s never been able to get past a women’s sexuality.  He lives by a strict set of rules when it comes to women, friends, sex, and love.  But, he would be the first person to deny they exist.  He is a romantic, wanting everything to be perfect in his world.  The only problem: He’s out of control and ruins anything romantic within moments of entering the room.  Much of what he says and does would be considered very rude if he wasn’t so fun and exciting to be around.
The oldest of the bunch, Late 30’s, early 40’s, Shane is the owner of the house.  He invited these guys to live with him to validate his self worth.  A borderline alcoholic,  Shane tries very hard to accommodate everyone.  He’s essentially replaced his blood family with this one.  He’s a very sharp individual, but a little slow on the social graces.
In his late 20’s, early 30’s, Eric is a product of the MTV generation.  He identifies himself and everyone else by image.  He idolizes Nick, but is unable to achieve the ‘rock star’ results Nick gets, probably due to the fact that, unlike Nick, he doesn’t truly love women and sex. 
A professional woman who decided to have a fling with Nick.  She ended the affair abruptly when she realized what she was getting into.
A young woman who is enamored with Nick.  In her late teens, she is “in love”.  Nick represents everything that a boyfriend should be.  Unfortunately for her, the “love is blind’ rule applies.