Feature Comparison

Color Tuner is more accurate than Synthetic Aperture’s®, Canopus’®, or BigFX’s®, Adobe Premiere® plug-ins. While making the independent film ‘i died‘ we needed quite a bit more control over our images than any filter offered. We realized that the only way to get this was to write our own, more accurate, color balancing plug-in. Now, we share that success with you…

  Color Tuner Film FX DV Storm* Video Finesse
Controls: Luminance
curve curve curve linear
3 way curve 3 curves 2 curves 3 linear
curve slider part of curve linear
Granularity: Luminance
4,261,478,400 65,536 65,536 256
4,261,478,400 65,536 32,768 256
4,261,478,400 256 32,768 256
Display: Vectorscope
yes no yes yes
in color no green color & green
in color no no no
Noise Reduction no no no yes
Film Effects no yes limited no
Real Time no no yes no
Setting Files yes yes yes no
Retail Price $78 $499 $1,599 $195

DV Storm has several methods to modify color balancing. This comparison shows the most accurate method.

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