This plug-in has been retired. This page is only here for reference.

 (BTTH Smart Boost for Adobe Premiere and Premiere Pro)


Boosts Brightness:  Boosts the levels of the original image by fixed amounts.  This Allows the plug-in to have no rounding errors.  Meant for video footage that’s too low to broadcast.  This is perfect in that there is no unintended loss of data.

Noise is added between skipped RGB color values.  No video filter does this, but this one does!  [Example:  The color value of 3 when multiplied by 2 will become 6.  4 will become 8.  This means that no pixels will ever have a value of 7. ]  This filter randomly populates the skipped fields with a very light random noise.  This is very subtle, but makes a difference in the image quality.  Without noise, boosted RGB colors don’t include the full spectrum of possible color.  If you ever need to massively boost your video levels – YOU NEED THIS FILTER for this reason alone.

Desaturation occurs when the image goes out of bounds.  This allows for a very natural and subtle change from valid pixel values to peaked pixel values.  Most video filters simply truncate pixels which go out of range.  This filter, by using desaturation, rounds the transitionally peaked pixels to white.

White Balancing is done internally.  As pixel values get multiplied the relationship between them gets more distinguished / saturated.  Having a rudimentary white balance allows you to fix the pixels before any truncation, rounding, or desaturation occurs.  This allows subsequent filters more room to work, and a more accurate image to work with. 


Controls:                       (all control values are the actual color RGB bit values)

Boost Amount:  1/ ‘no boost’ to 6 for 6 times the brightness of the original pixel values.

Black Threshold:  This keeps colors closer to black from being boosted.  Every pixel value above this will be boosted.  Everything below this value will be unchanged.

Black Compression :  This moves all the color values down.  Lower pixel values which reach 0 can’t be lowered any further.  Instead, they get desaturated until  they are completely black.  All said, this compression effect makes for  a softer looking black levels than “Black Threshold”.

Bright Threshold:  Everything above this value will maintain their original relationships.  For truly dark images with no peaking you will not need to lower this.

Olive – Navy:  Dark spectrum white balance control.  Slides the darker colors between Olive (Green/Red) and Navy (Blue).

Forest – Brick:  Dark spectrum white balance control.  Slides the darker colors between Forest (Green/Blue) and Brick (Red).

Yellow – Cyan : Light spectrum white balance control.  Slides the bright colors between Yellow (Green/Red) and Cyan (Blue).

Aqua – Pink : Light spectrum white balance control.  Slides the bright colors between Aqua (Green/Blue) and Pink (Red).

Saturation:  This value is the percent in which the color saturation will be lowered.



This filter should be placed in your Adobe Premiere plug-in directory.  It will work on any Windows OS, and requires a minimum of Premiere 6.0.  Except for a pop-up it is fully functional.

Place this filter first in the list of filters.  This filter will boost your image levels to give the other filters a better range to work with.  We encourage you to use other  filters to fine-tune the image.  Though this filter can make images (even good ones) look much better, it is intended to get the image in the proper ball-park, not to be a complete color-balancing and leveling solution.