This application has been discontinued. This page is here only for reference…

Color Tuner is the most accurate color balancing plug-in for Adobe Premiere┬«! 

For uncompromising color balancing quality, the greatest granularity, and highest amount of point control – there is only one choice: Color Tuner. There’s adequate control, and then there’s awesome control.

See our comparison with the top selling plug-ins.

These data driven displays are always visible. Tune your images to your eye, double checking these displays and you can be certain you’re staying within broadcast standards.

And yes, you read it right, “Saturation Waveform and Curve Control “. You’ll have the ability to control saturation at every brightness level – we have yet to find a filter with this ability!

Curve Controls

Curves keep color, brightness, and saturation transitions moderate. BTTH Color Tuner offers a huge range of point positions. Color Tuner offers greater point control than any other Adobe Premiere┬« color correction tool on the market today.

Brightness, Vectorscope, and Saturation Waveforms (in color!)

Video View

The representation of the video. Able to ‘mimic television’, allowing you to tune your video to an approximation of what would be seen on a tube television. Also has a Black & White view as well. 

Install Color Tuner and test it out right away. The demo version of the software is fully functional except that it places text on the rendered output. [Run the downloaded file to extract its contents, then run Setup.]